Horse Blanket Laundering

 Proud to announce we now wash Horse Blankets at are new commercial Facility

Why Clean Your Blankets

Experts highly recommend that blankets be cleaned on a regular basis. The ammonia found in your horses urine, manure, mud and dirt greatly reduces the strength and life of your horses items. Urine can do the most damage to your expensive blankets, it can bleach out the color and worst of all it can eat away at the material past the point of repair.

The worst thing that many people do is to store dirty blankets away for summer, this can weaken and separate the coating that makes the material waterproof. If a blanket is cleaned on a regular basis and stored properly it can last for years.

We use a comercial washer and multiple wash and rinse cycles to help remove dirt and soap. We make sure there is no soap residue left which can be an irritant to your horses skin. 

 All blankets are returned in bags with name tag and an itemized receipt. 

Laundering Price List

$25 Heavy Winter; anything w/ fiberfill

$20 Light Winter; no fill

$18 Wool Blankets

$15 Sheets; fly or cotton show

$15 Shipping Boots; set of 4

$8-12 Hoods or Sleezys

$5-12 Saddle Pads

$6 Fly Masks

$16 Water Repellent Spray

There will be a $3.00 upcharge for excess mud

We can package these in a sealed thick bag for $3.50 GREAT FOR STORING

Call for Pickup or Questions (708) 224-7680

• binding or cotton sheets

• cotton sheets washed in cold water always

• all blankets are hung out to dry

• lighter color blankets may leave manure stains

• some color may bleach out in spots due to urine being left on for long periods of time

• all blankets have to be cleaned for repairs

• pickup & delivery fee may apply (depends on distance & number of blankets)